Inirv React prevents you from leaving the gas open

Did I turn off the gas when I left home this morning? Is the door properly closed? Are the lights off? Questions we all asked ourselves one day. Thanks to Inirv React, you may soon no longer need to ask yourself first. A project currently being financed on Kickstarter will allow you to control the gas from your phone. Practical and reassuring at the same time, a new step in the development of the connected kitchen. We explain the details to you.

inirv react

Inirv React, the reassuring system

You’re sure of that. It’s closed. It’s a mechanical gesture you never forget to make, right? But there’s this haunting doubt lying around in a corner of your mind. What if your house goes up in flames because you forgot to do it today? The idea of Inirv React was born to respond to this fear.

The system consists of a sensor and 4 control buttons. The sensor is equipped with smoke and gas detectors and allows the buttons to be connected to Wi-Fi. It connects to them via Bluetooth, allowing you to control the system from anywhere. In case of a problem or danger, an alert is sent to you in real time. Inirv React buttons can replace those you already have or be added to existing ones.

Controlling the gas through an application

The buttons have a small motor that allows you to activate them remotely and therefore close the gas if your application tells you that you have left it open. A small LED, which is not without reminding you of the flames, also indicates the power level. Finally, thanks to the motion detector, if the kitchen is empty for more than 15 minutes, the gas is automatically shut off.

The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery system and can be adapted to almost any gas cooker. You can also choose a specific color to make it fit in with your kitchen. Inirv React will also be compatible with Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant.

The project is still in the financing stage on Kickstarter. You have until February 15 to support it. Just over $125,000 has been raised so far, but its creators are targeting the $400,000 to unlock all the features. Small problem, the first level of donation is no longer available so if you want to collaborate, you will have to pay at least $229. For this price, you will be entitled to 4 controllers. It’s up to you. But the system will clearly cost you less than buying a connected furnace with an equivalent system.

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